The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)

COVD is a large organization of vision care professionals, educators and researchers. Their website offers general information on vision therapy and on the link between vision and learning. It also includes current media coverage of recent developments in vision care and vision research.

Public Service Announcements

Watch a wide variety of videos to learn more about the importance of vision.

Parents Active for Vision Education (PAVE)

PAVE is a non-profit parent organization bent on raising public awareness of the relationship between vision and achievement. Their website is a means of learning more about the prevalance of undiagnosed vision problems, and is a forum in which to address that fact.

American Optometric Association – Children’s Vision

The AOA is a national organization devoted to vision health. This link is their statement on vision therapy.

Vision Therapy

This link provides a detailed description of visual therapy techniques, as well as success stories, information on vision and specific learning difficulties, and frequently asked questions.

Children’s Vision Information Network

This is a useful introductory website for parents. Here you will find basic information on the current process of vision screening in schools and the kinds of of problems that are frequently overlooked in these tests. This will also connect you to other useful introductory materials for parents.

Vision and Learning

This site provides interactive simulations of visual deficits to help parents better understand the reality of these deficits. It also provides a great deal of information on the processes that underlie reading and letter recognition.